Following Jesus, Year Two, Chapter 1: Begins With The Judean Ministry.

Taught by: John Higgins

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John Higgins
John Higgins
Follower of Jesus Christ and Pastor Under His Lordship

Came to Jesus in May of 1965 by reading a Gideon Bible, in a Motel room, in Arcadia California, on RT 66, while reading to disprove the authenticity of the Book.
After being radically saved by the power of His Holy Spirit, I spent the next three years and a half years studying His Word, the Bible.
Called of God, I became a missionary to the lost young people in the hippy movement that was sweeping America in the mid to late 60's.
Ten years and about 100,000 souls later, our calling came to Pastor in Tempe AZ, where we have spent the rest of our time ministering to anyone that had an ear to hear.
Most of my personal studies have revolved around Jesus, the man, the preacher, the miracle worker, the lover of God and His Creation and the Savior of all that would come to Him.
His death and resurrection give forgiveness and life to mankind and His life brings personal spiritual growth to all who will learn of Him.
Therefore, I put many years into developing a chronological study of His Life and Ministry.
We invite you to come and partake of this study. It is not exhaustive but just a start on the path.
Would love to answer any questions you have, that is, to the best of my ability.